We have an Aquaman

Jason Momoa

According to HitflixGame of Thrones actor Jason Mamoa has signed to play Aquaman in the Man of Steel follow-up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
This news comes just days after reports leaked of Warner Bros.’ plan to announce its upcoming DC slate at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Post Dawn films are rumored to include the inevitable Justice League in 2017, Wonder Woman, a Flash / Green Lantern teamup film, and a proper Man of Steel sequel.
Mamoa’s involvement in the superhero stunner has long been rumored, of which he has continually denied. An official statement from Warner or Mamoa has not yet been made but sources this time appear to be genuine.
The former Conan and Baywatch star is just one more face being added to the sequel, due out May 6, 2016, that is meant to lead into bigger things in the back-to-back Justice League film.

Amazon pre-orders for Warner titles on hold

Speaking of Warner Bros., Amazon has suspended all pre-orders for upcoming Warner Home Video titles.
Collider reports via The New York Times that the reason the online retailer has stopped taking pre-orders for upcoming Warner Bros. releases like The LEGO Movie, Transcendence300: Rise of an Empire, and Edge of Tomorrow is due to disputes between the two parties over the studio’s price of the Blu-rays and DVD.
Although there is no news at this time when pre-orders will return for future Warner titles, Amazon is still selling Warner films that have already been released.
While many might see this as a giant retailer putting the pressure on a major studio, this could end up working out for the consumer. We may seem disadvantaged now, but Warner Bros. home video titles can often rank among the more expensive of them all. If an agreement can be reached, perhaps a more affordable situation can be reached for the consumer.

Spider-Man possibly pushed to 2017

With Blu-ray specs on the verge of announcement for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (more on that very soon), word is circling that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 may be pushed back to 2017. The threequel was originally slated to be released June 10, 2016 but disappointing box office numbers and reviews on the latest Spidey may have caused Sony to temper their pace on the franchise in order to better realize how to go forward.
If this is true, there’s no word on whether the upcoming Sinister Six spinoff film will move up and take the place of the Marc Webb helmed sequel or not.
While it would be nice to keep things on track, maybe this is something that needs to happen. If they want to solidify their game plan, more power to them. That said, they’re going to have to deliver results with this, and by results I mean a movie that doesn’t end up being messy and doesn’t leave half its stuff on the cutting room floor. Or, you know, maybe let the director be creatively in charge as opposed to a desperate studio. Food for thought…

American Horror Story double-header

Sarah Paulson - American Horror Story: Freakshow

News on the upcoming season of American Horror Story, titled Freakshow, has been slow. Until now.
Show veteran Sarah Paulson took to Twitter to reveal her enigmatic character, or make that characters. Paulson will be playing conjoined twins Bette and Dot for the upcoming season, a character she has called her most challenging so far on the show.
Freakshow will feature the return of Paulson, as well as series regulars Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Dennis O’Hare, and Angela Bassett, while The Shield star Michael Chiklis is set to come on board. 
The newest story in the anthology series see Lange playing a German ex-pat running one of the last remaining freakshows in Florida during the 1950s. Bates, Peters, Chiklis and Conroy are all rumored to play freaks, while O’Hare is slated to play a collector of freaks and rival to Lange.
American Horror Story: Freakshow will premier on FX this October. 

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