It’s been a long winter and now’s finally the time to kiss it goodbye.

The year has been no less than eventful and unfortunately these events didn’t include updating this site very regularly. Mea culpa.

But now it’s summer, which means I have a lot more time on my hands, the most anticipated movies of the year are coming out, and my regular writing outlet is ca-puts for much of the next three months. So here I am again, ready to dive in.

To prove I wasn’t simply hibernating for the past seven months, you can find my school-year writings at the website of Minnesota State University, Mankato’s student newspaper, The Reporter.

So, without further ado, I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on many recent happenings soon, including reviews of Iron Man 3, its score, The Great Gatsby, and current movie news/events, plus I look forward to spilling the word on upcoming behemoths like Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel, music scores included, as well as some of the smaller releases this summer might see.

Now’s a good time to be someone who writes about mostly movies.

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