It’s a fact that home viewing is largely the preferred form of movie watching these days. Now that the climax movie of the summer has seen the dark light of day in theaters and the season is winding down, it’s about that time to look forward to when we can enjoy the biggest and bestest (arguable) this summer had to offer in the sanctity of our homes, now comparatively safer than ever.

I’ve mainly just thrown out my opinions for the last two months, so perhaps I’ll do something helpful. Here are the deets on the home video releases of the four biggest movies released in May (The Dictator is August 21 and Chernobyl Diaries is October 16). Check back for the June releases at a time when more than only one has been announced.

The Avengers

Blu-Ray Release Date: September 25 (Rental: October 23)

The biggest movie of the summer will no doubt be the biggest Blu-Ray event of the fall. Disney is one of the leaders in putting together a great Blu-ray, so their most profitable movie ever should be nothing short of great. In addition to guaranteed top-tier picture and sound, the 3D combo pack comes with a free download of the soundtrack album and Whedon-filled behind the scenes goodies a-plenty, as well as a hard copy of the digital copy (compatible with iTunes).

Oh, in case you didn’t hear, the movie also happens to be epic awesomesauce and many fans like myself will flock in droves to pick it up on release day.

Dark Shadows

Blu-Ray Release Date: October 2 (Rental: October 30)
Tim Burton’s latest familiar-fest had the distinct honor of opening the week after The Avengers and I can’t even imagine how much it suffered for it, financially (enough to be considered disappointing, but not quite a bomb — maybe I can imagine). But, truthfully, this is the one movie I was this close to seeing the summer. I caught myself on the way out the door a couple times on the way to see Dark Shadows. I really like Burton’s early works and this seems more in line with that Gothic style he does so well. The omnipresent criticism that he once again drops the story importance is what ultimately held me back.
As per every Warner Bros. title, you can expect one of those shitty Ultraviolet digital copies, the sole option they provide anymore for your digital copy needs, and a Maximum Movie Mode extra feature with highlights on Johnny Depp and production pinpoints and deleted scenes. Going to have to check this one out.
Blu-Ray Release Date: August 28 (Rental: September 25)
Poor Taylor Kitsch. He’s not a terrible actor but because he keeps getting stuck with the starring roles in these epic, epic bombs, people can’t help but associate him with cinematic failure. It’s really not his fault.
I’m also quite curious about this one. The best praise I’ve heard for Battleship is that it’s stupid fun. Not “stupid fun” like Transformers, as in complete contempt for its audience by wasting most of its time on borderline retarded comedy, with the rest of it being incomprehensible, hollow action. Rather, it’s been described as a “so stupid, it’s entertaining” fun. Which I can totally dig. Hell, I enjoyed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter more than I ever though I would, who’s to say this will be any different.
Universal is also usually very impressive with their picture and sound, as well as including both kinds of digital copies and standard amount of behind the scenes featurettes. We shall see.
Men in Black 3
Blu-Ray Release Date: November 30 (Rental: December 28)

The Men in Black are back after a ten year hiatus, none of which was spent on choosing a decent story or building enthusiasm from any of the returning players. In case my views haven’t permeated this intro enough, I didn’t really care for MIB3. It came off as cheap, perfunctory, and just not all that entertaining, to my great regret.

Still, Sony does a pretty great job of their picture (which won’t do any favors for those awful special effects) and sound. Not so much can be said for their singular offer of Ultraviolet digital copy, similar to Warner Bros. releases. Details were released prematurely a week ago and have since been pulled but appear to be pretty basic (making of, filming in 3D, trailer, etc.). Worth a rental. Maybe.