Goddamn these last two days have been busy on the news front. But, luckily, most of it is exciting as hell, so here’s a rundown.

           G.I. Joe – Retaliation has pushed back it’s release date an entire 9 months. Originally scheduled for release on June 29, the sequel staring the rock will now open on March 29, 2013.
          The supposed reason for the switch is to post-convert the movie into 3D for “an even more immersive entertainment experience.” Also, the recent success of The Hunger Games after opening in late March must have been far more alluring than opening in the middle of The Amazing Spider-Man, Brave, and The Dark Knight Rises
          Seth McFarlane’s Ted has now switched its release date to June 29, instead of July 13.
          Retaliation was honestly flying under the radar, so getting out of a spot where it could have been buried will probably work out well in the end. However, they did already put an effort into their marketing and the movie would have been less than 40 days away from release had it stayed, so such a change late in the game is a little jarring.  
            Speaking of The Hunger Games, the mega hit has been announced for release on Blu-Ray & DVD on August 18. Like the Twilight films before it, Hunger Games is being released on a Saturday and will play host to midnight release parties at stores all across the country.
            The Hunger Games currently sits at the number 2 spot on the year’s domestic ($392 mill) and global  ($636 mill) and has the fourth highest opening weekend of all time.           
            I do like the movie, but the problems I have with it seem to keep compounding the more I think about them. I also usually don’t have as much desire to re-watch book adaptions, most of the Harry Potters being an example. Probably something to do with your interpretation of the book always being better, or some such. So this is probably the movie so far this year I’m most hesitant to pick up on Blu-Ray that I actually liked.
            The Hunger Games will be available for pre-order starting Friday.

            The details and tracklist for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man score have been released and some can be considered spoiler-esque while one of them announces loud and clear one spoilery plot point (though, really, who didn’t see it coming?)

01 Main Title / Young Peter (4:54)
02 Becoming Spider-man (4:16)
03 Playing Basketball (1:22)
04 Hunting For Information (2:07)
05 The Briefcase (3:14)
06 The Spider Room / Rumble In The Subway (3:20)
07 Secrets (2:30)
08 The Equation (4:22)
09 The Ganali Device (2:28)
10 Ben’s Death (5:41)
11 Metamorphosis (3:04)
12 Rooftop Kiss (2:34)
13 The Bridge (5:15)
14 Peter’s Suspicions (3:01)
15 Making a Silk Trap (2:52)
16 Lizard At School! (2:57)
17 Saving New York (7:52)
18 Oscorp Tower (3:22)
19 “I Can’t See You Anymore” (6:50)
20 Promises / Spiderman End Titles (4:52)
            I’m really excited to hear what James Horner’s take on the material is. The guy knows his stuff when it comes to blockbuster scores, having written the scores for the two biggest movies of all time (Avatar & Titanic). Danny Elfman’s/Christopher Young’s scores were quite good and fit with that iteration, but with a new exciting take on Spider-Man should come a new exciting sound. Nothing radically outside who the character is, but as long as it makes for an exciting, memorable listen I’ll be happy.
           The Amazing Spider-Man score will be released the same day as the movie, July 3, and is available for pre-order now on Amazon.
            The teaser trailer for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, has launched, and future teasers should take note. I don’t care all that much for Quantum of Solice, but this trailer has me genuinely excited. Just something about the style of it and how it’s edited together makes it look unique. Plus having Javier Bardem as the villain is a selling point in it’s own.

            And finally, the marketing on The Dark Knight Rises has finally re-vamped, starting with this theatrical one sheet. It’s… good, I guess. Very dynamic and visually striking, but the level of effort that went into it is a bit disconcerting.

            On the other hand, some new character banners premiered shortly after and are more satisfying.

           The first official TV Spot also premiered hours ago and features some awesome new footage.

            [UPDATE]: Jesus, if that’s not enough, here’s a second TV Spot that aired just minutes after I originally posted.


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